Alexander Milov

Ukrainian, Unknown

Love, 2015

Rebar and acrylic

18 x 5.5 x 7.5m (59.1 x 18 x 24.6 ft.)

Black Rock City, Nevada Desert

The Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert beautifully showcased Alexander Milov’s sculpture, Love, which depicts two wire adults sitting back to back, shoulders slumped in anguish and despondency. Constructed out of rebar, a product of the industrial world, the two adults represent the reclusive and independent nature acquired in adulthood that stands in the way of man’s need to connect in times of distress. Inside each of the wire figures a glowing transparent mold of their inner child stands facing one another, showing man’s primal need to connect in times of darkness, both literally and figuratively. The children have reached through the framework in a sign of unity. Milov’s message is clear, the arrogance bred in adulthood fights our natural dependence of others in our times of distress, which inevitably wins out in the end.

Victoria Brimmer

An extended look at Milov’s Love