Banksy-Armored Peace Dove


British 1974-current

Armored Dove of Peace, 2007

Graffiti Art

Size Unknown

Banksy’s Armored Dove of Peace is a political message meant to criticize those who are part of the Palestine-Iranian conflict. Painted on the concrete part of the West Bank Wall used to separate Palestine and Israeli, the graffiti art features a white dove with its wings out wide in an open arm stance holding an olive branch in its beak which is supposed to be the symbol of peace, but the dove depicted here wears an armored vest with the target pointed at its chest.  In an area where tensions between the two groups are at its highest, the image of the armored dove makes a bold statement: Peace cannot be made when the people involved do not want it.

Kathleen Zheng

An extended look at Banksy’s Armored Dove