IN⋅TER⋅PELL⋅A⋅TION n. 1. the act of pleading, entreating; intersession. obs. 2. a summons or citation. obs. 3. interruption. obs. 4. the process by which society constitutes individuals into subjects; subject formation, subjectification; developed by Louis Althusser, interpellation draws on the theory that the autonomous, fully coherent and actualized human subject is an illusion, an ideological construction meant to further the agendas of capitalism and liberal humanism.

art images(Re)Interpellation is an online art exhibition created by Sarah Boyd’s Summer 2016 English 105 class.  It examines the ways in which artists use their art to analyze, challenge, and reinterpret the process of subject formation, enacting the rhetorical process of situating oneself within and against the social roles with which we are called to identify, what José Muñoz calls disidentification.  In other words, the art we draw upon interrogates how society views and interprets our identities as individuals existing within and without of various social groups and how we, in turn, wish to view ourselves in the same contexts.